Stroke survivor & bestselling author hails BPMpathway as breakthrough in the treatment of neurological trauma

Acclaimed US author, David Dansereau MSPT, has hailed the valuable performance feedback he gets from BPMpathway:

‘Measurement of joint range of motion and assessment of muscle strength are two important clinical skills in the practice of physical therapy. Having a consistent method of measuring both joint range of motion and strength is essential for accurate assessment of a patient’s present status, progress, and effectiveness of the treatment program.

Yet, with advances in medicine and technology, surprisingly there hasn’t been much new affordable innovation or alternatives to the standard goniometer and subjective manual muscle test available for therapists. That is until now. I have had the pleasure to be a beta tester for a new body performance measurement and analysis tool (BPMpathway) coming to the US marketplace soon, that is able to deliver cost-effective assessment of joint performance. BPMpathway uses an affordable lightweight sensor that delivers a hands free method for me to accurately test joint function, while automatically recording the performance data on patients.

I found through my own use and through testing other patients with neurological deficits that BPMpathway was able to accurately pick up on very subtle deficits of power, range of motion and quality of movement that oftentimes remain following neurological trauma.

I have found the live animated display of the patient’s movement to be motivating and engaging for the patient as well as helpful with providing me with valuable performance feedback during each treatment. Now with hands free assessment and results recorded instantly, I can put even more energy and time into getting my patient’s bodies back in balance with the help of BPMphysio.’

About the author: David Dansereau is dedicated to providing cutting-edge nutrition education and therapeutic exercise opportunities for his patients. A physical therapist with 14+ years of experience and 10+ years consulting as a clinical Registered Dietician and Nutritionist practice, he is the founder of PTC Physical Therapy Consulting which specializes in developing and packaging innovative clinically-proven physical therapy and proactive nutrition programs and services.

David’s first book ‘Body in Balance’ released in December 2014 quickly achieved Amazon Best Seller status in Preventive Medicine. As a stroke survivor, his story of stroke recovery and awareness has been featured in the New York Times and on Fox and ABC News. (physicaltherapycoach.com)