Reliability & durability of BPMpro sensors ‘second to none’

As the developers of BPMpro, the sensors used by BPMpathway, we always welcome customer feedback. We were, however, especially delighted to receive the following email recently:

I’ve been using BPMpro for nearly two years in the workplace injury prevention field, and love what it provides!’ Scott Coleman, Client Director, Aon Risk Solutions Australia

As we were unaware that Scott had a BPMpro kit, we asked him what he had been doing with it:

‘The reliability and durability of the BPMpro sensors is second to none. Having used BPMpro sensors in the Occupational Health and Safety field for over two years, they have been used in some extreme conditions of heat (foundry workers), cold (refrigeration stores), wind and rain (airline baggage handlers) and even a physical pounding (ship construction) and have provided accurate data without fail.’

The work Scott has been doing for Aon Risk Solutions underlines the potential of using BPMpro technology in workplace monitoring. A major global manufacturer, Intel, are also using the technology in workstation assessment, employee health risk management and environmental health monitoring.

About Aon

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