Independent validation of BPMpro sensor and BPMpathway software by NHS Trust

The BPMpro sensor and BPMpathway software have been independently tested by the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

At a scientific meeting on 20th March 2015, a team of researchers from East Sussex NHS Trust Conquest Hospital led by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr. Jamie Buchanan presented a paper on the validation of BPMpathway, then known as BPMphysio.

The aims of their research were:

  • To check how feasible the BPMpro sensors and BPMphysio (BPMpathway) software are to set up and use during busy shoulder clinics
  • To establish whether their patients find the technology acceptable and perceive any benefit from using it
  • To test how accurate and reproducible the measurements are, when compared to their existing tools – goniometers and visual estimation

Their findings were that measurements were:

  • Reproducible between different operators
  • Comparable to their existing goniometers
  • More accurate than their usual visual estimations

They concluded that in the era of patient-reported outcome measures, they hope this technology will add another dimension to the assessment of outcome after surgery and in particular to assess movement required for functional tasks. They also emphasised that their patients, regardless of age, are keen to engage with technology and to see the software used as a motivational tool during their physiotherapy sessions.

To read the full report, click here.