Breakthrough fast-track knee surgery using BPMpathway

BPMpathway business partner B. Braun, also known by their implant sector name Aesculap, are a European-based medical materials and equipment specialists, ranked #4 in the world for hip and knee implants.

They are trying to differentiate themselves from the top 3 by providing pre and post-operative analysis and care by using Range of Motion (ROM) technology. The intention is to supply BPMpathway to surgeons, their associated physios and to every patient who has a B. Braun orthopaedic implant. The advantage of the technology is that patients spend far less time in hospital, instead recuperating at home whilst their recovery is monitored remotely.

B. Braun have been running trials throughout the UK for some time using BPMpathway. Recently, test units were sent Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham near Hull for evaluation. An article about the technology appeared on 12th May this year in the Hull Daily Mail, hailing the breakthrough in patient treatment that it offers. Although the article does not specifically name B. Braun or BPMpathway, the technology to which it refers is definitely BPMpathway.

In the article, Mr. Rahman, a consultant of 8 years, says he believes that the radical approach of fast-track surgery could change the way hip operations and knee replacements are carried out in the future:

‘It is a massive change in the culture for surgeons, a massive change for patients and a massive change in the culture of working together as multi-disciplinary teams. If I were a patient, I would want to be home as soon as possible.’