About 270 Vision

Founded in 2011270 Vision are developers of simple-to-use, highly-accurate body analysis technology for use in injury prevention and rehabilitation in the medical, employee welfare and elite sports sectors under the brands BPMpro and WPMpro.

With nine patents granted in the UK, four in the US and one in the EU, including GB2530754 ‘Mapping the trajectory of a part of the anatomy of the human or animal body’, granted in May 2017 and GB2551238 ‘Mapping trajectories of the anatomy of the human or animal body for comparative analysis’ (Incidence Points) granted in March 2019, multi-award winning 270 Vision are internationally-renowned as the market leaders in motion sensor design and development, with Martin Gossling, Chief Executive Officer, frequently invited to speak at conferences.

Recognised for their work in the industry, the Founders of 270 Vision are Senior Associate Members of the Royal Society of Medicine. In 2018, 270 Vision won the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award at the national Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards, which celebrate outstanding innovative  breakthroughs made in healthcare technology across the UK.

Having developed their advanced, medical-grade BPMpro sensor technology and undertaken commercial pilots with elite sporting organisations and orthopaedic surgeons, 270 Vision developed BPMpathway – the proven dimension in remote patient assessment in the critical weeks after orthopaedic surgery. BPMpathway was subsequently named Best Digital Health Platform in the 2018 Juniper Research Future Digital Awards.

Braun Melsungen AG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services have invested into 270 Vision as part of their strategy of securing access to key future technology.

With its third generation sensor technology, 270 Vision have developed WPMpro, a simple, cost-effective system at the forefront of the next generation of wearable sensor technology with multiple, smart, autonomous sensors detecting excessive joint range of motion to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. The innovative technology uses a ground-breaking wireless RF-based charging solution that can charge up to 25 sensors simultaneously.

The smart EDGE-based autonomous WPMpro sensors have advanced firmware which means that only exception data is recorded and transmitted, thereby reducing the volume of data stored and increase processing speed by an estimated 95%. UK patents covering a tumble dryer safety mechanism (GB2573058), sensor orientation (GB2573057) and charging environment (GB2572411) were granted in 2020. UK patent GB2572412 relating to the data transmission protocols for the Smart EDGE-based autonomous sensors was granted in March 2021.

In addition to BPMpathway and WPMpro, 270 Vision are actively developing sensor-based solutions for elite sports, long-term medical care and other sectors.

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