270 Vision announces new patent for its technology in the UK

270 Vision Limited is delighted to announce a second UK patent ‘Mapping trajectories of the anatomy of the human or animal body for comparative analysis’ ref. GB 2551238 covering Incidence Points was granted in the UK on 30th March 2019. The patent is focused on the marking or recording of points of interest such as a pain points or restriction somewhere along the trajectory of the limb or joint under test.

Martin Gossling, CEO of 270 Vision, said: ‘This is a great milestone for us and puts us firmly as a leader in our field. Over 7 years of research and development has got us to this point and this has anchored our mission to provide the best tools to clinicians to aid patient assessment and decision-making.’

‘This is yet another fundamental patent in that process, as not only do we have a granted patent covering the mapping of the trajectory of the anatomy, key if you are to drive an avatar showing movement progression or other such graphics using data from a wearable, but also the recording of items such as pain or incident points during that movement.’

‘Correctly assessing a patient’s rehabilitation progress is more than just recording a change in Range of Motion, it is also about the detail that goes with it, such as the Quality of Motion and recording precisely just where any pain from the joint may still be occurring. The collection of empirical data is key to what we do and offer.’

A further six patents are currently pending, including the Company’s Spinal Module, UK patent application no. 1704825.7 filed 27th March 2017 and patent applications covering differential movement analysis are being progressed. International patents are pending for both of the Company’s granted patents in the EU, US and Japan.

The Company’s patents are fundamental to its flagship product, BPMpathway, currently being rolled out across 15 countries globally. BPMpathway is a cost-effective remote patient assessment platform that supports orthopaedic patients throughout their rehabilitation, whilst providing clinicians with the vital data needed to assess their on-going recovery progress.

No other remote patient assessment system has the same credentials as BPMpathway. It is the original remote patient assessment platform for patient-centric enhanced rehabilitation and uniquely offers cost-effective, reliable and patented award-winning technology in support of remote patient assessment undertaken by clinicians.

Download the product description or to arrange a demonstration, please contact:

Phone: +44 (0)1264 861375

Email: info@bpmpathway.com